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Sagittarius Season 2022 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

November 22nd ushers in Sagittarius season, the Archer, and Tarot Card Key 14, Temperance.

Temperance tarot card meaning

Check out these astrological highlights during Sagittarius season:

11/23 - New Moon in Sagittarius - This is a time for setting intentions, especially those around learning something new, digging into philosophical and spiritual teachings, dream work alchemy, optimism and lightheartedness, and being spontaneous.

12/6 - Mercury in Capricorn - This is a time where we are far more practical, conservative and methodical in our thoughts and communication. We tend to have more structured thinking, focus on facts and logical solutions, provide constructive feedback, all while remaining ambitious and goal oriented.

12/7 - Full Moon in Gemini - This is a time to review the things in your life where you are reaping the fruits of the seeds we have sown and to either give gratitude or take stock of shortcomings and failures in order to make needed changes. Being in Gemini, pay attention to your thoughts and messages that come through conversations, writing, readings, researching and all things intellectual.

12/9 - Venus in Capricorn - This is a time where we are more conservative and mature in our relationships. Commitment, security, stability, and responsibility are paramount. Love languages tend to be more acts of service or genuine gestures that are practical rather than over the top romance and theatrics.

12/20 - Jupiter in Aries - We are looking for expansion into new territories, grabbing the ram by the horns and taking center stage, meeting challenges head on, and creating our own prosperity, abundance and good fortune through our willpower, determination and hard work. This is also a time where we have “go fever” with the need to travel and explore, the world is your oyster.

Here’s a look ahead at what Sagittarius season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Tarot Card Key 14, Temperance. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

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Aries - Two of Swords - There is a decision to be made or a path to be followed, but be prepared to find yourself unable to take action at this time. Focus less on having to make a decision “right now”, and more on weighing your options both carefully and methodically.

Taurus - Seven of Swords reversed - Be mindful not to try and take it all on, make movements without a well laid action plan, or unjustly undercut yourself or your efforts. Keep your eyes and ears open for deception and secrets coming out into the open.

Gemini - Nine of Pentacles reversed - Watch your money this month and be careful not to overspend or splurge on things that you don’t need. Narrow in your efforts on a budget, responsible spending and investment, and towards financial independence.

Cancer - Two of Wands - Spend this time making decisions, plans and progress for the future. If an opportunity presents itself, weigh your options for the long term, and if you are unsure of where you want to be in the long term, consider this as a discovery period that will propel you.

Leo - Page of Pentacles - Keep your mind of your money and your money on your mind! This is a time of skill development, financial opportunity, planting seeds for the future, and manifesting growth beyond your wildest dreams.

Virgo - King of Pentacles reversed - Your money may be going out the door faster than it is coming in, watch your finances and do not take risks this month. Be mindful not to become obsessed with finances, only aware and responsible. Secure your base the best that you can.

Libra - Page of Cups - Let your creativity and emotions flow! One of the best ways to connect to your intuition and Spirit is through free flowing creations. If you are looking for love or partnership, keep your eyes, ears and heart open this month for opportunity.

Scorpio - Page of Wands reversed - Expect a redirection in your energy from the external to the internal. If you decide to hunker down or withdraw, make sure that it’s because of new inspiration and not self-limiting beliefs or failures to launch/follow through.

Sagittarius - The Tower - Something is changing and it will be rather sudden and perhaps shocking. While it might feel like chaos in this upheaval or sudden revelations, know that anything that is true or meant for you cannot pass you by; only the false falls away.

Capricorn - Three of Swords - Your heart will be tender, please make sure to give yourself grace during this time and to not lose hope. Know that everything, good and bad, is not permanent so it is imperative that you view this emotional pain through the lens of healing will come.

Aquarius - Strength reversed - Something will get this best of you this month, do your best to not let it consume you or send you in a spiral. We all have moments where our emotions are overwhelming, we react instead of respond, and we are just tapped out; it’s ok.

Pisces - Four of Pentacles - Be mindful of your finances and spending without going to the extremes of scarcity mindset or ultimately greed. If there is another area of your life that needs a sense of security, focus your efforts there, including self preservation and protection.



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