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As above, so below

As within, so without

As the Universe, so the Soul


Contrary to what a lot of us were taught growing up, we are all a spark OF Divinity, our intuition serves as our natural guiding force and divination tools like the Tarot, enable us to find objective guidance while maintaining our freewill

Knowledge of the Divine comes from finding one's own internal Divinity



We all have a Soul Purpose

Our reason for incarnating in this life, and a series of lessons for us to master in this short amount of time in order for our soul to truly evolve and shift into alignment. This is the essence of alchemy of the soul. The key to successfully identifying and living your purpose, navigating your lessons with greater ease, and experiencing transformation at the core of your being requires lifelong learning and growth.

This process begins with having a very honest exploration of the self (we all have something we should be working on), taking personal responsibility for our own journey and unpacking our baggage (the person that says they don't have any baggage is the one with a bus load full of it).

​This is what it means to Know Thyself

​And if you get to really know yourself, all of you including the pieces you're not to proud of, it opens the door for you to Master Thyself

Just like nature, it's a constant state of becoming: To be ever growing, evolving, and becoming a greater or higher version of yourself. It is on this journey of self discovery and mastery that we shift into Divine Alignment or Will where everything begins to fall into place.

Manifestation occurs naturally when we shift into Divine alignment


Some people do this through religious teachings, others through seeking spiritual enlightenment, and others just buckle their seatbelt and hope they make it to the end of the ride without any broken bones.

The hard part for most people to understand is what it means to be on a journey of lifelong learning and growth. It involves healing our traumas, seeking higher knowledge and personal enlightenment, developing and following our intuition, and making decisions that bring us into alignment with Divine or Universal energy and our life's purpose.

The fact that you are on my page and reading this means that you have or are considering taking this amazing and transformational journey; perhaps I'm just another stepping stone in a journey you've been on. 

Let me just say that however you came to be on my page, I am so proud of you for taking responsibility of your own journey, and please know that you didn’t find me by mistake.


Colored Alchemical Emblems Copyright Adam McLean 1997-2011. Retrieved from

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